The Classroom


When I started working on the film in 2005, the character of Lily quickly appeared to me in the context of the classroom. I was puzzled by this little blond girl. Surely this is a mistake, I thought. The children in the classroom on 911 were for the most part black. There was not a fair haired child present that day. Also the children of the 911 class were a little older.

Yet I kept seeing her, and it felt like she needed to be there, so I relinquished to what was seen. Only after the events of Sandy Hook (12/14/12) did I realized that what I had seen was Obama's classroom, a ritual sacrifice of children on the part of the shadow govenment designed to stike terror into the nation.

And just in case you didn't realize that Bush's classroom scene was also part of the larger 911 ritual, please have a look at the following video of the children repeating their mantra .

December 2012

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the House is on Fire!